Sunday, November 30, 2008

What an ad

I was surfing through a metal website Keep It True and the thing that caught my eye was an ad right on top of it by a online Muslim marriage & matrimonial service company. Nothing wrong by right as metal music crosses all barriers but it sure reminds me of Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Ok, let's go through a short history of metal music to those who knows zilch about it.

Metal music is associated with rebellious attitude right from the attires to the way rockers walk and talk and the best icon to represent a rebel is satan himself. I don't have to explain as to why satan is considered a rebel do I? Well if I must, then read this

Anyway, that is why certain religious groups labeled metal music as satanic etc. Can't blame them as the devil or the like is often used in artworks. Reference - Iron Maiden's Eddie.

So back to the ad, right above an artwork featuring a couple of dead corpse and satanic figures, is this ad by, with a picture of a man and a woman in a tudung (not together of course if you know what I mean) with a tagline "Matches made in heaven". Now you see the why it reminds me of that song?

Anyway, like I said, there is nothing wrong actually only that it's weird, which brought me thinking how ads by google can go very wrong.

I experience it first hand on my own website. After I posted a review of the movie The Majestic, my website got filled with ads with the words Jesus all over the place, even on post that has nothing to do with religion. That could lead people into thinking that I promote Christianity somehow.

It's time that Google allow filtering by words.

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