Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Starhub free broaband with HubStation

Starhub TV now allows renting of HubStation which comes with a free 1Mbps Broadband Internet Access till 31 December 2009. They'll extend it for sure, just like the free incoming calls for their mobile service.

The rent may $4 more than the standard digital set up box (or $6 more than analog set up box although soon there will no more of those) but for a few dollars more, it comes with free broadband. So the total minimum cost to subscribe to their TV service with the HubStation now is $32 before GST.

So if you are not a heavy user which means you just browse, check email, watch videos on YouTube, listen to mp3 on imeem etc, 1Mbps should be more sufficient.

Official details here

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