Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Watched an episode of Raymond last night. It is a good one, as always, with the other episodes. While hilarious as it is, it brings about a very important message.

This episode is about Amy's mother Pat who secretly smokes. Robert finds that out one night and one thing leads to another, it becomes a day of revelations for the whole family.

Pat smokes because it is hard living with Hank who is a pretty hard ass on rules

Hank goes out at times and blow up fireworks because he cannot stand Pat's timid nature.

Raymond drives around the block at times before he comes home to face Debra, while making funny faces to mock Debra.

Debra eats chocolate the whole day while waiting for Raymond to come home everytime he makes a mistake.

Amy gots so pissed off with Roberts OCD that she turns his toothbrush the other way round, opposite of what Roberts always does.

Peter hates the neighbour's cat that he goes to the backyard and barks.

Initially everyone was shocked to hear each other's relevations but later agreed that it is better to have an outlet to let go of their anger rather than letting it go at the person causing it.

That is when Marie stands up and chided everyone for doing what they do instead of talking to each other, like Frank and her do. Raymond then questions her claim that they are a good example. If you watch ELR, you'll know that Raymond is right. There can't be any other couple gone wrong other than Frank and Marie.

But Marie then says a line that makes absolute sense.

"Do we smoke? Do we blow up fireworks? Do we bark like a dog?"

So talk or keep secrets. You choose

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