Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Daikin Mobile Controller now supported in Alexa

I posted about about it being supported in Google Home earlier here and a few days later it is also supported in Alexa.

Below are some of the screenshots from Alexa.

There were other Daikin Skills but this is the specific one for Mobile Controller app that is used for Daikin WIFI enabled aircons sold in Singapore

The aircons appeas as Thermostats as shown above

You can adjust the set temperature and also view the current room temperature but you can only switch between Cool and Auto mode, no Fan or Dry mode which is supported by the aircon. It is also not supported by voice so it does not understand those modes either.

Google Assistant however have the options for all the modes supported by the aircon.

Will update with more details soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Daikin Mobile Controller now supported in Google Home

It's finally exposed to Google Home!

I have been checking frequently and was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I see it  appear in the list of services that works with Google.

Daikin Mobile Controller showing up on Google Home

Setup was a breeze although a little weird. Even though I have already assigned names to the indoor units in Daikin Mobile Controller app and the names corresponds with the rooms list I have in Google Home, it still asked me to assign the units to a room. And the funny part is that some are automatically assigned and some don't.

It doesn't matter as you can just add them to any room first and then simply move the units to the right room once the account is successfully linked. 

Here is how is shows up in the list of devices for a room in Google Home.

If you select the unit it will show only the on/off option and nothing else.

But if you have a Nest Hub, it will show up more control options. In fact you can also voice control it by giving out voice commands to a Google Assistant supported devices like the Nest mini or even an Android TV. Your command has to be clear and specific though. 

Initial tests have been positive. The response is immediate, as it it was local, and way faster than using 'Out of Home' function in the Daikin Mobile Controller app.

Will update this post once I have more time with it.