Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Keep it off the road

Recently, a friend riding with his girlfriend was involved in an accident caused by a drunk who crashed his bike into them. Although the injuries were pretty bad, it could have been worse. Thank God they both are recovering well in hospital. Can't say the same for the drunkard as last heard, one of his knee is busted.

Since insurance company don't pay for DUI related accidents, my friend is not able to make a claim against him. Only way is to make it a civil case but what's the point when the guy has nothing to claim against?

It's common that riders/drivers drink and ride/drive but when you do till you can't handle your machine, then you better stay put till you're sober or get someone else to get you home. It don't matter that you have no intention to be the cause because when it do happen, time can not and will not turn back and it make all go away. Riding/driving while drunk will make you the most dangerous rider/driver on the road.

Don't drink and ride/drive because it may cost a limb or a live - Me

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