Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rude or anal?

The car park was congested and I stopped to let a car leave a lot. There was already another car waiting for it in front of me. Any decent driver knows that the lot is considered taken and I was no exception.

Since the car needs to reverse for it to take the lot, I do not have to wait for it to park as I can move forward by its side. It was only after I started to move my car that I realised the car beside the car that was leaving was also doing the same. As it was now perpendicular to my car, the only way it can leave was for me to move forward because I cannot reverse with another car already behind me.

However, there was no place for me to wait in front except by the side of the car waiting for the lot and that will make me the biggest jerk as then no car could leave the car park with me blocking the only way out. So I decided to take the 1st lot which will then allow the car beside it to leave and the waiting car can take the that soon to be empty lot instead.

I heard the driver of the waiting car honked his horn at me, probably thinking he's going to lose his lot. Technically yes but there is another lot just beside me so nobody is at a lost, at least that's what I thought.

But when he parked beside me, he gave me that wtf gesture. Kind of pissed, I gave replied with wyp. He said that I was being rude that I did not let him park first. In other words, I stole his lot. I told him I saw two lots, one for each of us so what is the issue now since both of us are parked. He then said never mind and walked away.

Seriously, was I rude or he's just anal?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Paperwork is just as important.

When my fiancée and I were scouting around for a marriage prep course a few months back, we initially planned to go for the one conducted by Suchi Success titled Kasih Sejati since the miss heard it was good.

It took many days after I applied online before someone gave a me call. When they finally do call, I was asked to confirm my registration and make the payment through bank transfer.

I asked to be emailed the details so that I will have proper reference therefore avoiding unnecessary errors. And most importantly, I can't simply trust someone I practically do not know giving me information that I cannot verify.

No emails. We should have called them, I know but we're the customer. They may be popular but that does not mean we are at their mercy. So I said screw them, we'll go with someone else and we did.

A few days after we went for our prep course, they called me to confirm my registration, again. I was like 'what the...'. Still, I was polite and told them that we have already completed the course with someone else.

They called me again this morning to confirm my registration, for the 3rd time! Looks like their management really needs to iron out their issues.

If they call me again, I am going to give a feedback they won't forget.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tick tock... tick tock...

I don't know the man personally but if he did not stand up and condemn the wrongs, then he is just the same. So thank you for your contributions and be on your way. You have been rewarded enough for your work. We cannot be held ransom to gratitude our whole life.

I think the old man knows his number is coming and probably shaking his magic ball furiously for something good. He's also probably upset that the same thing will happen when it's his turn; that despite all the propaganda spewed by the states times, it is still not garnering the kind of response expected.

Face it old man, no one is going to cry for you. My bubbly is still in the fridge, waiting to be popped.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Microsoft Security Essentials

If you are using Windows and looking for a free anti virus solution or even contemplating to download an illegal cracked version, you can stop now. If you already have one installed, replace it especially if it is illegal.

What I like about it from my experience so far

- acceptable use of resource that it will not strangle your machine to a standstill.
- can detect threats that other solutions do not. Probably because Microsoft knows their product better hence able to detect any changes that is detrimental to Windows and avoid it.
- don't seem to break anything, yet. All applications still running as usual.
- support all operating system from XP onwards.
- nice GUI, if that matters to you.
- ease of use. Nothing confusing, from scanning to updates.
- it's totally free as long as your Windows is properly licensed and activated.

So why the hell am I recommending a Windows product if you're wondering?

I may not like Microsoft (for their licensing model) but I have to give credits where it's due. It's good not because it is free. But it's good that it is free.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jetstar take a friend for free sale

Travel in pairs and pay only for one with Jetstar Friend 4 Free flights. Sale is on now until midnight Thursday 6th May 2010 (21:59), unless sold out prior.

1. Click on the link above
2. Look for the destination of your choice.
3. Take note of the qualifying dates
4. Click on 'Singapore'
5. Specify the date(s) you want to fly (must be a qualifying date)
6. Look out for flights marked 'Friend 4 Free'. If you don't see such flights, means seats are sold out.

Prices includes tax.