Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Renovation: Laminate flooring

If you just got the keys to your house and considering installing laminate flooring, I say go for it!

With improvements in technology, so does the quality of laminate flooring. Gone are the days when horror stories of owners beleaguered by their laminate flooring send chills down the spine.

My current flat was installed with Kronotex laminate flooring and I am very satisfied with it. After 9 years, the quality is still there although with signs of wear and tear which are mostly not the fault of the flooring itself.

If I ever move to a new place, I would definitely go for laminate flooring because of the following reasons:

1. Cost effective

In fact, you already save on the cost for a permit needed for wet works even before we compare the cost of the laminate vs tiles.

2. Fast installation

Take at most 2 days to complete for the whole house. Some can even be completed within a day.

3. Durability

Laminate do last if it is properly installed and taken care of. All the care laminate flooring requires is that you do not let any puddle of water sit for too long. Don't worry about spills as long as you wipe it off just as you would with any other form of flooring. The important thing is they are installed properly by a trained installer.

4. Comfort

Laminate is also not as cold as tiles and it will be suitable if you have small kids or old folks.

5. Easily replaceable.

If you are bored with the laminate you have down the road, you can have it changed without the hassle of hacking works and the costs involved.

6. Safety

It is not slippery like tiles and it also absorbs some impact, it being wood, therefore again suitable for small kids to cushion their falls etc.

7. Easy to maintain

There is nothing much you need to do other than wipe it with a dam cloth/mop. The surface is hard enough to withstand stains which can be easily removed.

8. Choice

Huge choice to choose from. It is practically impossible to not like at least one of the design/type.