Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just one of those days

I was driving off after the late night karaoke session and my mind was working on the route home. I settled for the CTE instead of the PIE.

As a driver, each time I got my route right, it gives a certain kind of satisfaction knowing my way well, which is an important part of driving.

It did felt that way, until I just got into the CTE, when I remembered I wanted to go Johore to pump petrol. PIE would have been a better choice.

Needed to pump some petrol before I cross over anyway (3/4 tank rule), so CTE would lead me to Shell at Upper Thomson. Not a bad decision afterall to use the CTE as I can easily join the SLE back to proceed to Woodlands checkpoint.

Along the way, I remembered that I can redeem my Shell point for $20 worth of petrol, so when I finally reached Shell, I pumped exactly that amount, which coincidentally is the exact amount of petrol I needed.

When I approached the cashier with my intention, I was told that I can't because after 5% discount, the total price is $19 and to redeem, it must be more than or equal to $20. Another blunder. Paid up and continued my journey.

Going in and out of Johore was a breeze, as it should at 2am in the morning.

While in the car, waiting to clear I/C at Singapore side, I felt hungry and I could only think of McDonals. Normally I would go this drive thru at Yishun but clever me thought it would a little out of the way home to get there, even though it is along Sembawang Road.

Kind of sure Woodlands Centre has one, I thought it would be the best choice as I can join back the BKE easily to get home. Turns out to be a bad choice as it was not open 24hrs.

The nearest outlet from there would have to be at Woodlands Civic centre so that's where I went. Another bad decision. Again, not open 24hrs.

Next nearest is at Admiralty and I am very sure it does operates 24hrs as I've been there before in the wee mornings after midnight shows. Just my luck it was closed then for God knows what reason.

Shaking my head in disbelief that I can strike out 3 times in a row, I felt like slapping myself when I remembered that I should have just went to the one at Sun Plaza the first time round. It's so near my place and I'll burn it down if it stops operating 24hrs.

Thinking my ordeal is finally coming to an end, seeing that it's open, the vision of Ronald laughing at me came flashing past as I was told that double cheese was out. I was so pissed off that I don't even bother to think of getting something else. I just want to get home and find any fuel accelerant and return back to burn the place down.

I am those who is kind of anal about getting what I want. I ever travel here and there looking for Dreyers ice cream around the same time too before. So I made up my mind that I should just go to the very first outlet that came to my mind when I first thought of MD - the drive through at Yishun.

When I made my order at the ordering booth, I can vision myself doing an Ashton Kutcher, whacking that thing silly should I hear anything else other than "Please drive forward".

It took a while for them to give me my two double cheese after which I was told that I had to wait 10 mins. I almost lost it. I felt like reversing back and stepping on the accelerator hard and ram the place down. Turns out it was a internal prank they played on one of the workers there.

Got my double cheese and I drove off, eating one along the way.

Guess no "And then?" this time round

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