Tuesday, November 18, 2008


When you want something different, is it really that different?

Humans are an interesting species. We look different, we speak differently but yet at the core of it all, everyone wants the same thing. No?

Take for example religion. We may have different faith or an atheist but don't we all look for something or someone to approve us? Even those who worships nature wants mother nature, although non-existant physically or otherwise, to approve of what they do. Even satanist wants satan's approval. Yes, we do good deeds (or bad, depending on your faith and take on things) because we believe it benefits (or harms) in general but at the same time we feel good about it and subconciously, we want it to be approved or want some form of confirmation that what we did was right.

Then there is how we present ourself. Those who wear normally are telling everyone else that they don't want to be stared at. They are telling others of the existance of their personal space, their space to be left alone. Those who wear differently attract stares which also achieved the same objective, telling people that they exist and they too have their own space. Those who wear to impress yearns for a space, thinking they don't have one in the first place. Personal space.

Some prefer security while others live a dangerous life. One side wants to ensure they can survive while the other wants to live it. It's all about how you want to die. Die a miserable death or die miserably knowing you didn't live your life to the fullest.

You want a challenging job while others look for a mundane one. Aren't we all simply wanting to stick to doing something?

Some like blue, some like green or red or yellow. They're all colors, no other terms to describe it.

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