Thursday, May 30, 2013

HDB May 2013 BTO - Sembawang - EastBank@Canberra

Another development in Sembawang which consists of only 4 and 5 rooms but with a single story car park, if that matters to you.

Even if you do not drive, developments without MSCP only means more common space hence the reason why practically any unit you choose will guarantee you some privacy. Unit facing the internal compound, for example, will have at least 60 meters from the next unit. That is very generous and a rare thing compared to many BTOs before this.

Also, if you notice, there are no ugly covered linkways because the whole of the internal compound is the covered linkway between the blocks.

For those who drive, you can park your car, walk to the lift that will bring you straight to your floor unlike traditional MSCP where you are more likely to take the stairs/lift down, walk to your block then take another lift to your floor. If it rains, an 'underground' carpark is not effected at all while for an MSCP, it all depends on how the linkways are built as for some, you may need to walk a distance even though your block is just beside the MSCP.

If you like to be near the waters, then those facing the drainage reserve will suit you, although it is just a drain. That should give you a good buffer of about 40 meters from the next development, Eastbrooks@Canberra. However, all the units will receive the afternoon sun. Units 713, 701, 729 and 717 will receive the afternoon sun on the master bedroom walls.

The best unit among these would definitely be 719 as it will have an unblocked view of almost the whole strech of Sungei Simpang Kiri as it is not blocked by the development in EastBrook@Canberra at all. In fact, this is the best unit to choose from for a 5 room.

For the units facing the internal compound, those facing south-east will be a better choice as compared to those facing north-west as the former will get the morning sun while the latter will get the afternoon sun like units 711 and 747 which will bear the brunt of the afternoon sun on the master bedroom walls.

Units facing the future Canberra Way road will experience noise but it does have quite a buffer from the next development plus it will only get the morning sun except unit 745 which will get the afternoon sun on the master bedroom walls. However, but just like unit 743, it is quite a distance from the next development thanks to it facing the future Canberra Street.

The best unit for a 4 room would definitely be unit 721. It will have a good view, facing the Sungei Simpang Kiri and is a huge distance from the future development - about 100m! Although it receives the morning sun, that is not so bad actually.

Unit 737 has almost the same benefits of unit 721 with practically no morning sun. However the afternoon sun will hit it hard on the master bedroom walls. The plus to that is that your clothes will dry faster, with the service yard getting the sunlight required.

Unit 739 and 741 is not so bad either. It has good buffer and it gets only the morning sun.

As for location wise, hopefully the new NS12 MRT station that will be build will be ready at the same time.

Pros - Near future NS12 MRT Station. Single storey car park.
Cons - No eatery or supermarkets within development.

Source - HDB

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Windows Server 2012 and Wireshark

The latest Wireshark still include Winpcap v4.1.2 which is not supported in Windows Server 2012.

You will need to download and install the latest Winpcap v4.1.3 separately.

Dnsmasq and DHCP Option 60 Vendor Class Identifier

To make Dnsmasq assigned different range of IP addresses to different set of clients based on DHCP option 60 (Vendor Class Identifier), you will need to add/modify a few lines to the configuration file

1. The first thing you need to do is to add a line that will define the vendor class identifier that will be assigned to a specific name.

dhcp-vendorclass=[name],"[vendor class identifier]"

The vendor class identifier can be entered in full or partial. The example shown below will assigned any clients with vendor class that contains MSFT to vendor class name WINDOWS


2. The next thing to do is the add the following line that will assign a range of IP addressed based on the vendor class identifier

dhcp-range=net:[name],net:[interface],[start of range],[end of range],[lease period in hours]h

This example below will assign clients with vendor class identifier as defined in vendor class name WINDOWS on interface ETH0 with IP addresses starting from - for a lease period of 24 hours


To do a reverse, that is to assign a range of IP addresses to clients that do not contain the vendor class identifier in vendor class name WINDOWS, you use the '#' sign, which is the same as 'NOT EQUALS TO', as shown below


You can repeat the same lines for other clients with other vendor class identifiers. However, you will need to have a fall back range for those clients that do not fit to any of your specified range.