Sunday, November 30, 2008

Using 2Wire adsl wireless router with Starhub cable

You can use it but not all of its function will be available. If you plan to use it to share your cable Internet, then it can't.

The 2Wire is a 4-in-one device comprising of adsl modem, a router, a switch and an access point. Of the 4, you can no longer use it an adsl modem as it won't work with your cable. You also can no longer use the the router function as it work between the adsl interface and the ethernet (switch) interface. Since you're not using the adsl interface, then there's no routing. That also means no NAT hence no sharing.

So what it can function now is as a switch and an access point. To share your cable, you still need a router, although need not be wireless, to share your internet. So what it should look like then is as below

cable modem <> ethernet router <> 2 wire

This way, you will have wireless networking without having to buy another wireless access point or router.

All you have to do is the turn off the DHCP function on the 2wire by setting a static IP on it as shown below.


Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have any idea how to set up the 2wire 2700hgv-2 to become switch and wireless access point only? I recently switch from singtel to starhub cable... but want to use 2wire 2700hgv-2 as wireless router.
Please kindly advise me..

Azacamis said...

Hi Celine. You cannot use the 2Wire as a wireless router to share your Starhub. You will still need an ethernet router to do that. You can still use the wireless and switch part of the 2Wire

Anonymous said...

Thanks azacamis, if i not intend to share my starhub, only meant to use for 1 notebook, possible? Jus that i need wireless feature from 2wire.

Azacamis said...

What you need to do is to turn off the DHCP function on the 2Wire. 0pen a Web browser and access the 2Wire user interface. Click the Home Network tab, then Advanced Settings link under the tab to open the Edit Advanced Home Network Settings page. In the Private Network section, untick Enable DHCP check box. If you are not sure on how to log in to the 2Wire, you download the user guide at After that, just plug the cable modem to the any of the LAN port on the 2Wire and you can connect wirelessly to it to surf.

Anonymous said...

No need to change the broadband connection to Direct IP instead of PPoe?

Azacamis said...

no. You do not have to touch anything else.

Anonymous said...

hi, the Enable DHCP check box is oredi unchecked by default...
I tried setting 2wire into bridge mode and change the connection to direct IP and then reboot the device. Now can connect as wireless point for starhub connection.

Pinnacle said...

hi azacamis,

I have a similar situation as decribed in your main article. I tried disabling DHCP on the 2Wire, but is unable to connect to the internet using the laptops on wireless.

I even tried Celine's method of setting the 2Wire to bridge mode, with the same results.

My Netgear router is set as
The 2Wire is set as

Any suggestions?

portable wireless router said...

interesting, i'll try, thanks