Monday, April 4, 2011

The vanishing

Wife called earlier in the day, sounding worried, and asked me to look into the possibility of installing a CCTV system for the house.

She didn't want to elaborate at first but when probed further, she said that the neighbour's CCTV captured the act of someone trying to get into our house.

So I went looking for some solution thinking this is serious business.

When I called back again later to check on her, the story now changed to a ghost like nature where that someone appears to have gone through the front door like magic. And she sounded scared now.

In my mind, ghost captured on CCTV? Must get the neighbour to sell us the footage and I should be able to make a hits on the video and probably advertising revenue.

As I reached home and just parked the bike, wife sms me asking where I am. Thinking that it would be a nice surprise if I were to appear at the door while she thought I was at work, I replied 'Stuck at work'.

When I opened the door, there she was looking as if she is about to freak out thinking the ghost is back. Turns out my plan to surprise her backfired. Poor wife.

While I was changing, wife reminded me of 'pantangs' or do-nots that we supposedly did not adhere too hence the presence.

The women talked of multiple theories while we're having dinner as if they are taking part in the coming election. I listened and gave my views but ghost it is even then.

After dinner, we made our way to the neighbour's house to view the footage and it turns out that it was just some ordinary looking women, though probably not of sound mind, going around putting things out of place.

The ghostly part is when the camera, being a motion sensor one, no longer able to detect the women who is far away by then and therefore stopped recording. It looks like she just vanished into thin air.

So much for ghost that vanished together with my advertising revenue.