Saturday, August 29, 2009

OPC scheme tweaked

Authorities has finally announced the changes.

(a) e-Day Licence to replace the current paper licence;

What this means is that you can use you OPC first and then pay for it later before 2359hrs the next day. You can do that at ONE.MOTORING portal, AXS stations, using mobile-SMS service, Singapore Post outlets and Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) offices.

With this implementation, you will no longer be stopped by LTA officers to check if you have a valid coupon. Instead they will simply take note of your license plate and check against their record to see if you have made payments.

There are many ways to check if you use your car. ERP gantries is one of them.

(b) Revisions to the OPC scheme to allow unrestricted usage on Saturdays and on the eves of 5 public holidays;

From end Jan 2010, you can opt for a new scheme that allows unrestricted use on days where currently you can use your OPC from 3pm onwards, namely Saturdays and the eves of 5 major public holidays. Your annual road tax discount will be reduced to $500 and the minimum payable annual road tax is raised to $70.

You can check here on how much is your road tax before the discount.

(c) Cash Rebates for conversion of normal cars to the new OPC scheme of up to $1,100 for every six months' registration as an OPC.

If you convert your car to OPC, you will get $1.1.k every 6 months which means $2.2k every year and $500 more compared to a car registered as OPC.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to earth

The immortal had to descend down and bring everyone else back to earth. The place up there is reserved for only his kind so everyone should not dream of it ever.

And did someone say he has passed his reign over?

Anyway, he'll go up there for good soon and can be immortal forever.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Does it matter?

Yasmin Ahmad's death is a loss to anyone who loves the arts. Films and advertisements with her touch left a profound effect on anyone who understands the message behind them.

After the news that she was a intersexual or had went for a sex change, many put her down, citing religion as the basis of their so called 'judgments'.

If religion is the basis, then I am one of her defenders because I have always believed that we are simply mortal humans at the mercy of God's judgment. Before we judge anyone else, we must remember that we have never been bestowed that power by God.

If Yasmin had cause any distress to you, write a note and bring it before God when the day comes because she is no longer around to you answer you.

Else, does one's history matters when they done no harm to anyone?

Have a good journey Kak Yasmin. Thanks for all that you've done.