Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rii i25 vs Rikomagic RKM MK 705 wireless air mouse

The Rii i25 and RKM MK705 are both wireless air mouse with IR learning functions and a mini QWERTY keyboard on the back.

If you look at the specs and design, they look exactly the same

Rii i25


My guess would be that both are manufactured by the same OEM company and simply re-branded accordingly.

Rii however has another model which is the i25A and this model includes a microphone which you can use for voice control and voice chat. So if you do not need a microphone, either Rii i25 or RKM MK705 will do. Just choose one that is cheaper.

Physical Aspects

The controller is slim and considerably light and that makes it nice when hold. This is the main reason why I chose this over MeLe F10 which is too thick for my liking.

On the main side are all the basic buttons to control your devices like the page up/down, volume, and music/video playback control buttons.

All orange buttons on the controller can be IR 'learned' and the process is very easy. This allows you to replace your TV remote controller by making it learn basic common functions like power on/off, source and volume up/down.

On the left side is the on/off toggle and also a micro USB charging port, so do remember to turn it on before use else you might think that it is malfunctioning like I did!

Left side

The built-in battery do last quite a while before it needs recharging and it can be charged with any USB powered source.

The keyboard on the other side is handy when browsing or chatting and way easier to use as compared to the Android on screen keyboard.

Mini QWERTY keyboard
The only problem is that the transceiver is located at the top of the controller therefore when used as a keyboard, depending on how you hold it, your left hand may block the transceiver and this can cause some inaccurate commands to be sent.

The buttons tactile feel is OK for me though may be a little too hard for some people.

Overall I am satisfied with the controller though the transceiver location issue do bug me at times but I guess it applies to any air mouse.


Slim and light; nice to hold
Beautiful design and good built quality
Lasting battery
Easy IR learning process


Up/down button needs to be IR 'learned' for use with Android devices.
Transceiver don't work well when used as keyboard due to design


Receiver: USB Nano Dongle
RF mode: 2.4Ghz GFSK
Transmission distance: Up to 10 meters
Transmission Power: Less than +4db
Power supply: Rechargeable 450mAh polymer Lithium-ion battery
Charging voltage: 4.4V ~ 5.25V
Charging current: 300mA
Sleeping Current class1: 86uA
Operation Voltage: 3.7V
Operating Current: 22mA
Product weight: 100g
Product Size: 170mm x 49mm x 16mm

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Window 10 Unable To Connect To WiFi

If you are facing wireless connectivity issues with your Windows 10 where even previously working connection now failed to connect with " " error, check if you have a Qualcomm Atheros wireless adapter. If you do then you will need to replace the driver.

1. Download the drivers from the official website of the manufacturer. Some devices, like Dell 1705 adapter is actually a Qualcomm Atheros adapter

2. Delete the existing Microsoft driver

- Open Device Manager
- Double click on the wireless adapter
- Select the Driver tab
- Select Driver Details button
- Take note of the list of driver files and their location
- Open up File Explorer and navigate the driver files location
- Delete all driver files in the list earlier

3. Uninstall the wireless adapter

- right click on the device and select Uninstall
- select 'Delete the driver software for this device'

4. Install the driver downloaded in Step 1.

Windows 7 BSOD when waking up from hibernation or unable to wake up from sleep

If you are facing issues with your Windows 7 either

- ending up with a blue screen of death when waking up from hibernation with iusb3xhc.sys error OR

- unable to wake up from sleep

then you may have your USB driver corrupted.

What you need to do is completely remove the USB extended driver.

1. Go to Device Manager
2. Find the USB extended device, right click and select Properties > Driver > Driver details
3. Take note of the driver files location
4. Open up file explorer and nagivate to the location in Step 3
5. Delete all the files found in Step 2.
6. Go back to device properties
7. Select uninstall and select delete the driver software for this device
8. Download drivers from your notebook official site and install.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Asterisk: Creating A Conference That External Callers Can Call In

If you need to create a Conference that external callers can call in, you will need to create both an Extension as well as a Conference.

1. Create a Conference as per normal
2. Create an Extension as per normal
3. Edit the "Follow Me" settings of the Extension and under "Destination if no answer", point it to the Conference number.
4. Give the Extension (not Conference) number to your external callers

That's it

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Elba EWF 8121 A Front Load Washing Machine

This model isn't new. I have had it for 2 years and it was already out for sometime before I bought it. In fact there were already promotions for it all the way back in 2012. Elba Singapore is still selling this though.

I bought it from Gain City for $549 during their sale. For an 8 kg washer and 1200 rpm spin speed, it is considered a steal.


If you Google for more information on this washer, you will realise that the only site you can actually find any is the Elba Singapore website. The reason for this is because Elba is originally a cooking appliances company. They were then bought over by Fisher & Paykel who makes washers. However this model is not made by F&P but most likely Arcelik whose brands include Beko and Blomberg. It is therefore not surprising that all 3 brands are brought in by Casa Holdings.

As far as I know, this model is only available in Singapore although Elba Malaysia has a similar looking model too.

EF Singapore also has a model that is exactly similar, right down to the user manual. What is the difference? I was told EF is the made-in-China equivalent while the one by Elba is made in Turkey


Automated Water Adjustment System

The good thing about this washer is that is has a  water adjustment system where it will adjust the water level accordingly if there isn't enough of during a wash. However, it only works one way. In other words, if the load is lesser than the program is meant for, it will not reduce the amount of water and fill up according to the program.

You can however make it reduce the amount of water used by choosing the Quick Wash option. However, you cannot choose Rinse Plus then because that is conflicting as it uses more water for a bigger wash load.

Wash Options

Program selector

16 programmes of which 14 are wash programmes. Program duration can range from 39 minutes (Quick) to 2+ hours (Intensive +)

To be honest, washer should be made much simpler than this. All they need to do it to have programmes for clothes type and then have options for temperature and duration. That makes it all easier.

Cotton program defaults at 60C and Synthetics at 40C.

Control panel
There are 4 auxiliary functions to select from depending on the program chosen.

Prewash - For heavily soiled laundry.  Pre-wash without detergent is recommended for lace and curtains.

Quick Wash - wash time is shortened for smaller amounts or slightly soiled laundries

Rinse Plus - perform an extra rinsing sensitive skins (babies, allergic skins and etc.)

Anti-Creasing - drum movement will be lessened to prevent creasing and spinning speed is limited. Washing is carried out at a higher water level. Machine should be loaded with half of the maximum laundry specified in the program table.

The desired temperature can be selected up and down although the higher temperature is restricted depending on the program.

Spin speed can also be adjusted accordingly, also with  the same restriction.

Time Delay option allows you let the washer start at a specific time, eg load everything in the washer at night and set it to start in the morning so the wash will be completed by the time you wake up to hang the clothes up or tumble dry it.

You can pause a wash to add more load if the water level is safe enough that it will not overflow if the door is opened. This is not only to prevent a mess but also to prevent any scalding injuries.

User manual

The user manual is pretty good and clear except that it was not updated to reflect the actual features of the washer. This is most likely due to many other variants of the model sold elsewhere with different features.


Since I had this for the past two years, I had to call for service 3 times when the control panel cum LCD went berserk, the door cannot be opened intermittently after a wash and the door seal rubber chipped off, although the last one was probably our fault.

Considering we did multiple wash everyday without fail since we had it and the washer still runs albeit minor issues, it is reliable alright.


Technical Specs

Loading Capacity : 8 kg
Spin Speed: 1200 rpm with Variable Spin Speed Selection, Rinse Hold and No Spin
16 Programmes
Electronic Control : LED
Automatic Water Adjustment System
Program Follower: Prewash, Main Wash, Rinse, Conditioner, Spin and End
Overflow Safety & Child Lock
Functions : Prewash, Quich Wash, Extra Rinse, Easy Ironing
Time Delay: 0-24 Hour
Remain Time Display
Energy Consumption:1.36kWh
Energy Performance:A-10%
Water Consumption: 59 Litres
Cycle Duration:145 Mins
Power Connection : 2000-2350W
Dimensions : W595 x D580 x H850mm
WELS Rating : 3 ticks (7.9l / kg)


2 years warranty
Decent wash
Many programs to choose from
Able to pause a wash.
Automatic water adjustment system


No option to deselect conditioner cycle from a program
Water automatically adjusted up, not down
Long door lock period 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Tecno TSH5030R Electric Water Heater

This is the smallest capacity model from Tecno's range of horizontal storage water heater even though the manual states that there is an even smaller capacity model (25 L) as well as various other capacities. Tecno however only sells the 30 L, 50 L and 90 L models.

Although I posted about how a vertical storage heater is better than a horizontal one, this being almost similar in vertical and horizontal dimensions (540 cm x 380 cm) will not make much of a difference

It comes complete with all the necessary accessories including the installation brackets and mounting screws. The tank can be mounted on the left or right and on the floor or ceiling therefore placement shouldn't be a problem.

According to the manual, it is energy saving as the temperature of the heated water will be maintained up to 2 days after the heater is powered off.

I recently purchased the heater from Lazada for $178 nett after using a promo code that knocks some bucks off the actual price together with their free delivery promo on their app.

Warranty is only for 1 year for heating element but 5 years for the tank itself.


 The box it came with

The box includes all the necessary accessories to have it installed, including brackets, wall mounting screws etc.

The technical ratings on the control panel which is configured for right side mount. If you plan to mount on the left side, you have to rotate the control panel face plate.

The simple control panel consists of a dial for temperature settings and light indicators for heating and power.

After installation (before cleanup)


If you plan to perform a DIY installation, then the following are some tips

1. Get a 16mm drill to mount the wall mounting hooks
2. You will need a torx screwdriver if you need to rotate the control panel
3. A ratchet set will help to screw the mounting bracket to the heater
4. You may need the help of someone else to mount the heater to the wall hooks but I was able to do it on my own as it was not that heavy. Just be careful


Blue Diamond enamel-coated inner tank and heavy duty anode rod protects tank against rust and corrosion;
High quality Incoloy heating element;
Thermal cutout to prevent overheating;
Glasslined coating on water inlet/outlet for better water quality;
Polyurethane insulation reduces energy loss (Energy Saving);
Multi-function safety valve;
Temperature control knob;
Water tubes whirl flow technology;
Multi-angle installation bracket.

Technical specs

Capacity - 30 Litre;
Rated voltage - 230V/50Hz;
Rated power input - 1500W;
Rated max temp - 75 Degrees Celsius
Rated pressure - 0.8 Mpa;
Water proof degree - IPX1;
Dimensions - 540 x 380 x 380 cm
Weight - 12.5 kg / 42.5 (empty / filled)


The IPX1 water proof degree means the heater can have water dripping (vertically) on it with no harmful effect when tested for 10 minutes with water equivalent to 1 mm rainfall per minute.

Incoloy is a superalloy designed for excellent corrosion resistance as well as strength at high temperatures.