Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rude or anal?

The car park was congested and I stopped to let a car leave a lot. There was already another car waiting for it in front of me. Any decent driver knows that the lot is considered taken and I was no exception.

Since the car needs to reverse for it to take the lot, I do not have to wait for it to park as I can move forward by its side. It was only after I started to move my car that I realised the car beside the car that was leaving was also doing the same. As it was now perpendicular to my car, the only way it can leave was for me to move forward because I cannot reverse with another car already behind me.

However, there was no place for me to wait in front except by the side of the car waiting for the lot and that will make me the biggest jerk as then no car could leave the car park with me blocking the only way out. So I decided to take the 1st lot which will then allow the car beside it to leave and the waiting car can take the that soon to be empty lot instead.

I heard the driver of the waiting car honked his horn at me, probably thinking he's going to lose his lot. Technically yes but there is another lot just beside me so nobody is at a lost, at least that's what I thought.

But when he parked beside me, he gave me that wtf gesture. Kind of pissed, I gave replied with wyp. He said that I was being rude that I did not let him park first. In other words, I stole his lot. I told him I saw two lots, one for each of us so what is the issue now since both of us are parked. He then said never mind and walked away.

Seriously, was I rude or he's just anal?

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