Monday, May 24, 2010

Paperwork is just as important.

When my fiancée and I were scouting around for a marriage prep course a few months back, we initially planned to go for the one conducted by Suchi Success titled Kasih Sejati since the miss heard it was good.

It took many days after I applied online before someone gave a me call. When they finally do call, I was asked to confirm my registration and make the payment through bank transfer.

I asked to be emailed the details so that I will have proper reference therefore avoiding unnecessary errors. And most importantly, I can't simply trust someone I practically do not know giving me information that I cannot verify.

No emails. We should have called them, I know but we're the customer. They may be popular but that does not mean we are at their mercy. So I said screw them, we'll go with someone else and we did.

A few days after we went for our prep course, they called me to confirm my registration, again. I was like 'what the...'. Still, I was polite and told them that we have already completed the course with someone else.

They called me again this morning to confirm my registration, for the 3rd time! Looks like their management really needs to iron out their issues.

If they call me again, I am going to give a feedback they won't forget.


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the one that we went to was as bad also, dear.