Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Microsoft Security Essentials

If you are using Windows and looking for a free anti virus solution or even contemplating to download an illegal cracked version, you can stop now. If you already have one installed, replace it especially if it is illegal.

What I like about it from my experience so far

- acceptable use of resource that it will not strangle your machine to a standstill.
- can detect threats that other solutions do not. Probably because Microsoft knows their product better hence able to detect any changes that is detrimental to Windows and avoid it.
- don't seem to break anything, yet. All applications still running as usual.
- support all operating system from XP onwards.
- nice GUI, if that matters to you.
- ease of use. Nothing confusing, from scanning to updates.
- it's totally free as long as your Windows is properly licensed and activated.

So why the hell am I recommending a Windows product if you're wondering?

I may not like Microsoft (for their licensing model) but I have to give credits where it's due. It's good not because it is free. But it's good that it is free.

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