Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There's always a first time for everything

I guess the term never say never slapped me like Shiva last Sunday when my clean record is finally broken with Axela finally hurt after close to 5 years. But the big plus side is that, no one was badly injured and for that I was super grateful.

A couple of things to be learnt from this incident.

Firstly, never drive when your mind is occupied or vice versa. For this, I would like to give the finger to Murphy and his law. In the end, what I was thinking about did not get solved either.

Secondly, the first thing to do is to check on the passengers before anything else even though no one was flown around or the sorts. While I was calm, I was still dazed for a moment, going 'Oh crap' from time to time. But I guess that should be quite normal for a first timer.

Thirdly, you just have to accept that sometimes laws can be stupid on the other side. You cannot make a traffic accident report, which is required to process my claim, without the vehicle involved. I was like WTF? I have to drag my car back in the condition it's in just to file a report? It makes no sense. I let the insurance company handle that since the car is already in the workshop.

Lastly, and the most important one actually is that having your other half supporting you makes a whole world of a difference. They need not be there physically. You just need to know they are there for you and I was glad mine was, all the way.

For now I just need to wait for Axela to be cured. Her major parts are not damaged so she'll be alright. And in a few months time, I'll have to source out for other insurance company since my current one will not go easy on me, not with my 30% NCD erased like the sands by the beach by the pounding waves.


Ian Hamid said...

what happened?

zamani said...

Kereta damaged takpe, as long everybody is safe, esp ur passengers.

and tough luck lah ur accident happened across the border.