Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who are we actually bailing out?

First it was the financial institution. Then it was the automotive industry. Now its the porn industry. Yes, you read it right. Even they need help.

Bail outs can be a good thing. Many jobs can be saved. But bail outs can also be a bad thing because public funds are used so that the executives can continue to make poor judgments resulting in others lower down the corporate ladder suffer for it.

General Motors, one if not the largest in the industry should have been made to fold then allow the system to correct itself because bailing them out will not guarantee that the executives will be more responsible this time round.

True, letting the company crash will cause a lot people to lose their job but how different is that from giving the money directly to those people to tie them up till the economy recovers? In fact, it would cost much lesser since non of the funds are use to pay the executives their top dollar.

The funds can also instead be used to set up a new a company dealing with something profitable and have those out of jobs as employees.

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