Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Naiks of Bukit Timah

I went on my weekly hike up Bukit Timah last Sunday, my third in a row, as part of my new year resolution not to skip anymore sessions.

Makcik's Sunday mornings are now occupied with classes so that means I'll be doing it alone from now on, unless of course David run out of excuses.

Since I will not be conversing with anyone during the hike, I brought my bluetooth headset along so that the I can listen to MP3s on my phone. It's also a great way to get myself pumped up ala Rocky movies.

It just so happened that I was listening to Knights of Cydonia by Muse in the car and I had to stop halfway because I did not want bottles to be thrown at me for sitting the in the car parked in a lot where it's scarcity is like finding a rich model for a wife.

So I turned on the same song as I began the hike. It did wonders as I did not feel that tired when I reached the peak. The beat of the songs was kind of similar to my footsteps so it kind of helped me maintain the rhythm. Plus of course the song itself is awesome with motivating lyrics such as "I must fight to survive"

Therefore this will be the official Naiks of Bukit Timah song for me until I found a new one.

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