Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fell through the safety net

The case of Sebestian Yeo Wei Xiong, an autistic boy who fell to his death while being 'trailed', should be a lesson to be learned by the men in uniform that they should not get a monkey to do a man's job. If they do not have the special skills to handle such cases, get social services, if we have one in the first place.

And why was the boy out of school? From the way the neighbours described him, he seems to be a smart boy, else how would he had managed to survive and take care of his mentally unwell mother? While we give money to those who can more than afford to further their studies themselves in the name of scholarship, this poor boy was left out by the system.

And this happened in the supposedly best taken care of GRC. Dear PM, as an MP of the ward, if you come to know about this and found out that not much was done to help this boy when he was alive, please fire the RC committee members for not doing their job.

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