Thursday, July 21, 2016

Windows 7 BSOD when waking up from hibernation or unable to wake up from sleep

If you are facing issues with your Windows 7 either

- ending up with a blue screen of death when waking up from hibernation with iusb3xhc.sys error OR

- unable to wake up from sleep

then you may have your USB driver corrupted.

What you need to do is completely remove the USB extended driver.

1. Go to Device Manager
2. Find the USB extended device, right click and select Properties > Driver > Driver details
3. Take note of the driver files location
4. Open up file explorer and nagivate to the location in Step 3
5. Delete all the files found in Step 2.
6. Go back to device properties
7. Select uninstall and select delete the driver software for this device
8. Download drivers from your notebook official site and install.

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