Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Elba EWF 8121 A Front Load Washing Machine

This model isn't new. I have had it for 2 years and it was already out for sometime before I bought it. In fact there were already promotions for it all the way back in 2012. Elba Singapore is still selling this though.

I bought it from Gain City for $549 during their sale. For an 8 kg washer and 1200 rpm spin speed, it is considered a steal.


If you Google for more information on this washer, you will realise that the only site you can actually find any is the Elba Singapore website. The reason for this is because Elba is originally a cooking appliances company. They were then bought over by Fisher & Paykel who makes washers. However this model is not made by F&P but most likely Arcelik whose brands include Beko and Blomberg. It is therefore not surprising that all 3 brands are brought in by Casa Holdings.

As far as I know, this model is only available in Singapore although Elba Malaysia has a similar looking model too.

EF Singapore also has a model that is exactly similar, right down to the user manual. What is the difference? I was told EF is the made-in-China equivalent while the one by Elba is made in Turkey


Automated Water Adjustment System

The good thing about this washer is that is has a  water adjustment system where it will adjust the water level accordingly if there isn't enough of during a wash. However, it only works one way. In other words, if the load is lesser than the program is meant for, it will not reduce the amount of water and fill up according to the program.

You can however make it reduce the amount of water used by choosing the Quick Wash option. However, you cannot choose Rinse Plus then because that is conflicting as it uses more water for a bigger wash load.

Wash Options

Program selector

16 programmes of which 14 are wash programmes. Program duration can range from 39 minutes (Quick) to 2+ hours (Intensive +)

To be honest, washer should be made much simpler than this. All they need to do it to have programmes for clothes type and then have options for temperature and duration. That makes it all easier.

Cotton program defaults at 60C and Synthetics at 40C.

Control panel
There are 4 auxiliary functions to select from depending on the program chosen.

Prewash - For heavily soiled laundry.  Pre-wash without detergent is recommended for lace and curtains.

Quick Wash - wash time is shortened for smaller amounts or slightly soiled laundries

Rinse Plus - perform an extra rinsing sensitive skins (babies, allergic skins and etc.)

Anti-Creasing - drum movement will be lessened to prevent creasing and spinning speed is limited. Washing is carried out at a higher water level. Machine should be loaded with half of the maximum laundry specified in the program table.

The desired temperature can be selected up and down although the higher temperature is restricted depending on the program.

Spin speed can also be adjusted accordingly, also with  the same restriction.

Time Delay option allows you let the washer start at a specific time, eg load everything in the washer at night and set it to start in the morning so the wash will be completed by the time you wake up to hang the clothes up or tumble dry it.

You can pause a wash to add more load if the water level is safe enough that it will not overflow if the door is opened. This is not only to prevent a mess but also to prevent any scalding injuries.

User manual

The user manual is pretty good and clear except that it was not updated to reflect the actual features of the washer. This is most likely due to many other variants of the model sold elsewhere with different features.


Since I had this for the past two years, I had to call for service 3 times when the control panel cum LCD went berserk, the door cannot be opened intermittently after a wash and the door seal rubber chipped off, although the last one was probably our fault.

Considering we did multiple wash everyday without fail since we had it and the washer still runs albeit minor issues, it is reliable alright.


Technical Specs

Loading Capacity : 8 kg
Spin Speed: 1200 rpm with Variable Spin Speed Selection, Rinse Hold and No Spin
16 Programmes
Electronic Control : LED
Automatic Water Adjustment System
Program Follower: Prewash, Main Wash, Rinse, Conditioner, Spin and End
Overflow Safety & Child Lock
Functions : Prewash, Quich Wash, Extra Rinse, Easy Ironing
Time Delay: 0-24 Hour
Remain Time Display
Energy Consumption:1.36kWh
Energy Performance:A-10%
Water Consumption: 59 Litres
Cycle Duration:145 Mins
Power Connection : 2000-2350W
Dimensions : W595 x D580 x H850mm
WELS Rating : 3 ticks (7.9l / kg)


2 years warranty
Decent wash
Many programs to choose from
Able to pause a wash.
Automatic water adjustment system


No option to deselect conditioner cycle from a program
Water automatically adjusted up, not down
Long door lock period 

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Mel said...

We got a new Elba wash machine. Less then 2 months, it would not drain. The pump was broken, so we had to change a new pump. Another few weeks later, the drain agsin did not work. It was comparatively cheaper then other brands. Obvious reasons.