Tuesday, December 8, 2015

NS6 Sungei Kadut station

Streetdirectory has jumped the gun and placed NS6 Sungei Kadut station of the north-south line as U/C (under construction)


Anonymous said...

Wish if there is an MRT of NS6 Hafary, than the big green field needs a bus interchange, the sungei kadut st1 bus stop have no zebra crossing so we need everyone to cross the road, than extend 8 more buses to come to Sungei kadut st1 bus stop. Lastly the big outlet needs a shuttle bus which everyone can board the shuttle bus and alight to an outside MRT station the bus stop.

Anonymous said...

Every bus stops needs a zebra crossing and traffic light so that people don't have to run across the road, please make MRT station for NS6 Hafary than make bus interchange on the big green field and name it as Hafary bus interchange for everyone to board the bus.