Sunday, December 13, 2015

KDK and Panasonic ceiling fans - a tale of twins

KDK and Panasonic Malaysia have very similar ceiling fan products. So if you are planning to purchase a KDK in Johor Bahru, you can also consider Panasonic because they also have a range that is practically a long lost twin of the KDK

Basically the difference between the range of fans both brands offer are in terms of

- blade length
- LED lighting

- 1/f Yuragi feature

Below are the two practically identical fans, even up to the remote controller. Both fans are equipped with

- 4-blade design
- Temperature sensor for auto velocity adjustments by temperature change
- LED illumination light
- 5-speed control, sleep mode and OFF timer
- 1/f Yuragi function
- Built-in LCD screen remote control
- Enchanced Safety

KDK Sensa 4 K14Z9

Panasonic i-Senz 4 F-M14F1

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