Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Installing IBM Domino on Linux

You may face this issue where the installation of IBM Domino just stopped after you've made the choice of either a graphical or console installation mode as shown below

linux # ./install

IBM Domino for Unix Install Program

Your DISPLAY is currently set to ::1:1:0
Answer Yes to continue in console mode
Answer No to exit application.
Do you want to continue installation in console mode?[Yes]

Continuing in console mode
linux #

So instead of running the install command, run the following command instead and the graphical installation should start

linux # java -cp tools/setup.jar run

You can also start in console mode if you prefer by running the command below.

linux # java -cp tools/setup.jar run -console

If you face issues with either command, turn on the debug mode.

linux # java -Dis.debug=1 -cp tools/setup.jar run -console

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