Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stage 2 - Scout for new place (part 1)

After having put up my current home up for sale, it was time to scout for the new place.

I was torn between the space the older generation of 5 rooms offers and the full height glass window and underground carpark plus concealed wiring/piping the newer generation offers. In the end I decided to go with the space instead, for the kids' sake.

I am picky. I only prefer 5 room designs that offers the following

  1. All the rooms are tucked on side and there is a passage way leading to them. I hate having room doors that opens to the living or dining area.
  2. Common bathroom must be near the common rooms, which usually means along the passage way. Reason being, it will be easier for kids and aged parents to get to them instead to go the long way through the kitchen or service yard. Another reason is that, with the common bathroom in the kitchen or the service yard, you will tend to see things that should not exists in bathrooms, like mop etc.
  3. Balcony, or at least it was there previously (a lot of owners prefer to level it up to make it part of the living room). I like the feeling of being outdoors without having to leave the house. This is also why I am against window grilles, unless it was for safety reason. Security reason are just an excuse to me
  4. A service yard. I have kids and we wash a lot and I do not like hanging my clothes outside. You will never know what the neighbour above throws down (or spit). I also prefer to go the economy way which is to hang the clothes when possible rather than dry them using a dryer and having a separate area from the kitchen for that makes sense as I do not want to them to smell of the things we cook.
  5. A study area. I plan to turn it into a entertainment room instead. Living room is strictly for conversations.

After considering so many, I decided on this particular design, or something similar which is about 123sqm, 1/3 bigger than my current unit.

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