Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stage 1 - Sell the current place

I currently own a 4 room HDB flat (newer generation 90 sqm unit) that comes with its internal wiring and piping concealed. While some may hate it as it is harder to renovate, I love it and the extra inconvenience is small price to pay compared to the overall look of the flat.

There is no point having a nice bathroom but with huge ugly PVC piping sticking out like a store thumb.

The wire casing running all over the place and the switches and electrical points not flushing with the walls is an eye sore.

Furthermore, my 10 years old unit do not look that small compared to the 4 room units that HDB offers under BTO nowadays.

It also comes with unblock views. The MRT/Bus interchange is 400m away and there is a wet market, 24hr NTUC supermarket, a coffee shop, 7-11 and hardware stores just 150m away.

The only bad thing about the unit is that the living room faces north west.

I love my home now but my 2 kids need a bigger space to run about and it is time to upgrade.

Have put up the unit for sale, and hopefully the new owner will be happy with it as I currently am.

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