Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Property: HDB - Keat Hong Colours

This is the worst layout I have seen in terms of the location of the drop-off points. Some blocks are so far away so drivers do take note.

This is also the biggest BTO of all and with supermarkets and shops in the MSC, parking will always be an issue.

Internal layout is nothing to shout about and the 5 room units have small common bedrooms. The common toilet for the 5 room unit is also bigger than the one in the master bedroom. What's up with that?

The good thing about this BTO is that, it is possible that the authorities may build an MRT station (maybe Keat Hong or Bricklands) near the site area.

4/5 rooms

Units 501, 505, 507, 511, 677 and 679 faces the carpark, therefore the furthest away from the next block and with a view of the roof top park. But do get units at 8th floor and above to avoid facing the carpark itself with all the noise etc. Unit 677 and 679 will get the afternoon sun.

Unit 665 and 667 faces the main road and future school with pretty much unblock view while escaping both the afternoon sun, if you do not mind the noise from the roads

Unit 501 and 503 will face the future neighbourhood park with a little of the morning sun. This, in my opinion is the best unit to choose.

Unit 529 might be a good choice too with pretty much unblock view from the neighbouring developments.

Unit 609 is not so bad as the next block is quite a distance away as well. It will get the afternoon sun on the master bedroom walls though,

3 rooms

Not much of choice but I would choose unit 605 or 603 as these units have better views. Both units will get the afternoon sun on the master bedroom walls.

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