Monday, December 5, 2011

Gonna miss you my sweetheart, my Girl.

I am looking for a new home for my cat of 12 years. It pains me but I had to as I am currently staying in a place where I cannot bring her with me.

It would put my mind at ease if her future owners love cats to death. I would even take care of the expenses if need be. All I asked for is the possibility to visit her from time to time at her new home.

Breed - I seriously am not sure what her breed is but she looks a lot like a Turkish Angora
Sex - Female
Colour - White
Eyes - Blue
Age - approx 12 years
Toilet train - Yes

Medical background

- She had a fall many years back which broke her left shoulder and toes on her right front paws. However, she is still very mobile and able to run around as she is not in pain.
- Claws on broken toes still grow but cannot retract so need to clip frequently to aid her mobility and to prevent it from growing into her paws.
- She is sterilized.
- No other known medical issues.


- She is a timid cat and will hide if brought out of her comfort zone or in the presence of strangers as she 100% indoors. Other than that she is friendly with those she is familiar with.
- She can get very defensive and fierce is she feels she is threatened but she will not attack if not provoked.


- Feed mainly on dry food.

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