Monday, December 19, 2011

Girl is with a sitter

Sent Girl to a nice couple who was a potential new owner on Saturday but I got a call to collect her back the day after. Apparently she had turn into a Tasmanian devil, hiding in the toilet and will attack anyone who tried to get close.

I was at lost as to where to house her for the night. I was busy with family matters and had a handing over of the apartment to the tenant later at night. The call was a super dampener.

My wife helped to find a sitter and it seems to be the best solution at that moment.

Went to collect her around 9:30 pm and found her is a super stress mode and totally defensive. She would attack anyone including me. This is the first time she was like that.

The potential owner are probably not used to a cat that will be hostile for a period of time when brought to a new environment but if I were in their shoes, I would probably have done the same which is to return it to the real owner.

A lot of effort was needed to get her into the carrier, including the possibility of me bleeding all over but I managed nevertheless. As much as I hate it as I know it will only make her even more hostile than she already was, I had to use a broom to slowly corner her into the carrier. She soiled herself in the process, a clear cut sign she was simply too stressed out. I feel sad each time I recalled that moment.

Once in the carrier, she was calm. The couple and me apologised and thanked each other as we parted ways.

One the way to the sitter, I prayed that this new temporary arrangement will suit her best. As it turns out, it is. Michelle, the sitter, takes in cat out of kindness and only charge for basic expenses which I am more than willing to fork out.

The moment I stepped into the apartment, I knew it will work out judging from the condition of the rest of the cats there. When I carry Girl into her cage, she didn't bite me, a sign has calm down.

We sat for quite sometime talking about Girl and what's her future will be like. The uncertainty is a downer. But at least for now, I am just glad knowing she is in good hands.

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