Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This woman I call my wife

My wife is a cry baby. She can get upset by the slightest of things and her cries can range from just sniffles to out right wails that can scare even the crows.

Sometimes the things that upset her invokes the wrath in her. When it reaches a level beyond any medical or theological understanding, the frown on her face will make any plastic surgeon raise their hands, palm facing out, saying "We don't have the technology to rectify this".

But it won't take long before silence takes over for a while and slowly her emotion compass points to a different direction and the tears start well up in her eyes.

As her husband, I am privy to all of her various states of emotion. I inherited that privilege from her father who had been the person she went to for comfort when she is in need of that emotional hug.

If it was me who upsets her, then that means I will be in for a marathon console session that sometimes feels like eternity.

No doubt, the passing of her father last Sunday triggers one of her major emotional switches yet again. Seeing her deal with it reminds me of how fragile one can be, no matter how strong a person is, as the case with my wife.

You see, in spite of her emotional frailty, she is one determined woman. When she sets her target on something, she'll do all it takes to reach it. Put stacks of hurdle in front of her and she'll work her way around it. And if all else fails, she'll just bulldoze through it all. 

So she'll be alright, that much I know of her.

If moving on with her life is her next destination, she'll be there, even if it means she'll show up with healed wound marks that will remind of all us of the things that she had to go through in her life. And I'll be right there beside her.

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