Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Faulty instrument approved for use

My wife recently had an assisted delivery in KKH with the use of forceps.

The first attempt failed because the forceps were not in working order. We were fortunate that the doctor that delivered our baby, Dr John Tee, was experienced enough to sense that something was not right with the instrument and quickly removed it and asked for a replacement.

The time wasted could have place both mother and child in a life or death situation. Even if it was not life threatening, both had to endure unnecessary pain. They could have possibly suffered serious injuries as well should it had been an inexperienced doctor instead.

I am appalled that such an important instrument for use in a critical situation such as labor was not checked thoroughly before it was approved for use. I expect a hospital synonymous with childbirth would have strict procedures to ensure that all instruments are safe for use.

Such lapses are inexcuseable.

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