Thursday, July 30, 2009

Open invitation to Eric J. Brooks

I refer to this letter by Eric J. Brooks published in the Straits Times.

Thank you Eric for reminding us how lucky we are. He claimed to have known for a long time that no country takes care of its people the way Singapore does. This is after he had lived and worked in six countries.

So I would be grateful if Eric could tell us why is he still holding on to his Canadian passport if Singapore is the best country he had lived and worked in? You cannot recommend something you claimed to be best to a friend but you yourself using something else right? That don't reflect well on one's credibility.

Couple of reasons I can think of why he is not a Singapore citizen yet.

- he has applied but got rejected
- application is still pending
- he plans to
- he never even gave it a thought

I hope to see his pink identification card soon and welcome his hopefully as my neighbour. As the saying goes, walk the talk.


Anonymous said...

Maybe before you go and ask Eric to give up his citizenship, you should find Singaporeans who lived in other countries. Ask them, "why did you give up your citizenship?" OR "why did you not give up your citizenship?" Your comment sounds like that of one who is resentful, fearful and has never lived anywhere, except in Singapore.

Azacamis said...

Did those Singaporean write in the papers in the country they are living in with content similar to what Eric's? Let me know and I'll ask them.