Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rest poor child

This article is specially written for my love who is still distraught by the death of Michael Jackson.

I have always believed, and still do, that Michael Jackson had a very troubled childhood. Having it robbed by his overnight rise to stardom, he longs to correct it even till his death.

Most do not see the evidence - the ranch, his love for children, his inability to make good decisions when it comes to managing his life; clear cut signs that he is still a child at heart. Instead people are busy milking every single cent in his name while they can. His death means the cash register will be busy for sometime and probably a long time too.

Being a star is not all glimmers. The list of those whose life turn for the worse, even with the term poverty erased from their dictionary, is endless. As a star, just like a politician, you lose your privacy. In order to protect whatever you have left, you tend to be a very private person, with only those close to you as friends or family. Problem is, are those people really your friends or family? We all know how money and greed can make some people do even the most despicable things.

Most people only know him either because of his fame, his weird face or because of his molest case. Those who thinks he turned wacko because of his declining popularity should consider the fact that the main reason for his comeback concert is his children. Those who thinks he is a wacko for performing numerous operations on his face should consider the fact that with a proper advice, no one would want to torture themselves that way. Those who thinks that he a pedophile should consider the that fact that if he was rich and money was involved here.

All he wanted was to relive his childhood, and make it a happy one but many are still blind to the reason why he is weird, strange or whatever label they came out with. They forget that most people who are talented are 'different'. That is reason why they are talented. If they are the same as any normal people, they would be normal and not talented.

You no longer need to prove to anyone anymore Michael. It's time to rest.

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