Sunday, June 19, 2016

Horizontal vs Vertical Storage Heater

For those planning to install a new water storage water heater, this is a good read

Geyser Mounting: Horizontal vs. Vertical

Basically, go for vertical one if possible. The reason is due to stratification.

Water stratification occurs when water masses with different properties - salinity, oxygenation, density, temperature - form layers that act as barriers to water mixing. These layers are normally arranged according to density, with the least dense water masses sitting above the more dense layers.

Hot water is less dense than cold water and as such, in a storage heater the hot water sits in layers with the hottest water being at the top of the heater.

Storage heaters installed in vertical configurations have much better stratification, and maintain this stratification better than equivalent sized horizontal heaters. Vertical storage heater stratification surface area is much smaller than that of a horizontal heaters, creating a smaller surface area for conduction between layers and less turbulence disrupting the layers when water is run through the heater.
Geyser Mounting: Horizontal vs. Vertical

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