Monday, April 4, 2016

What you need to know about 10GBe home broadband

More ISPs are offering 10 Gbps fiber home broadband at pretty affordable prices ($189-$199) but before you sign up, the following are what you need to take note of

1. Most networking products like routers, desktops and notebooks currently support only up to 1 Gbps therefore if you do not upgrade them, 1 Gbps will the maximum speed you will be getting.

2. While you can upgrade your desktop by buying a 10Gbe NIC like the Intel X540 series, you can't do so with your notebook or routers

3. There are very limited number of routers that do support 10Gbe WAN port and they are very very expensive.

So until most end user products make 10 Gbps mainstream, it is not really advisable to sign up now. Price will also be much lower later as compared to what is available now.

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