Sunday, January 31, 2016

Custom Polycom digit map to allow any number to be dialled

Digit maps, or Dial Patterns which is the more common term used by other phones, are templates that match different sequences of digits that users dial as part of their interaction with their phone system. Digit maps only apply to off‐hook dialing, i.e., when the user first takes the phone off‐hook and then begins dialing digits. With off‐hook dialing, when there is a match between the digits dialed and the digit map, the SoundStructure VoIP Interface sends the digits to the PBX to initiate the call.  If there is not a match, the system waits for the user to enter more digits or press the send key to indicate dialing is complete

Polycom conference phones has a default digit maps


To understand what the above does, read the manual here

The above patterns may not fit your organisation and may be redundant if you have specific dial patterns back end and even not work for certain dial patterns.

You can't do away with the digit maps if you want to allow users to dial any number because it is a mandatory input. So to achieve the same result, you can key in the following


What the above does is

x - allow users to key in any digit
.  - similar digits as before and thereafter (wildcard)
T - wait 3 seconds (the default digit map timeout) before sending the whole string over to the phone system

The last character T is required else any digits entered will straightaway be sent to phone system and may be interpreted by the phone system to be an non-existent extension resulting in an error message.

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