Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dell Inspiron 20 3043 BIOS update hangs

I was updating the system to A11 BIOS with the usual steps which is to simply run the downloaded exe file and wait for the process to complete with a couple of reboots when the process hangs at 65%.

As usual the warnings are clearly stated there to not power off the system while it is updating but it was simply too long a wait.

I rebooted the system nevertheless and lucky for me the system reboots back up with the old BIOS still intact although that came with an initial scare where the screen was blank right after the Dell logo and the spinning dots and I had to reboot again.

I tried updating the system for another 2 times but it all ends the same.

Reading online resources did not help much. There is also nothing much to tinker with the BIOS setup either. It seems like I am destined to be stuck with the old firmware or I could call Dell support for help and prepare to vomit blood.

It was just a hunch but I decided to run the exe file with an account that has administrative rights and right when it is rebooting, I removed all the connected peripherals like printers and keyboard/mouse and behold the update completes with no issues.

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