Sunday, March 9, 2014

Child development: Effects of raised confidence

All kids are different and that includes their development phase. So when Arissa took longer compared to Armand when it comes to walking, I was not too concern.

However what concerns us was her lack of confidence hence the reluctance and hesitation to try walking by herself. She needs to hold on to someone who she treats as a moving handrail.

Tried what we can like helping her walk more often (which took a toll on my back) but did not help much. Wife believes the environment is not encouraging enough so she planned a day to Fidgets.

It did wonders as she probably saw the incentives of walking by herself and she continued her walking streak, with a little coaxing, when we got home. The next day she just stood up and started walking all by herself without any help or holding on to something.

Call it coincidence but we believe confidence can make a lot of difference.

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