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The Government is studying calls for change in parent's tax relief.

So they do take feedback seriously.
Subject: Fw: GTE11/IITE/12/175 Fw: Feedback on parents relief for personal income tax
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 14:14:54 +0800

Dear Mr Azhar,
We refer to your e-mail of 13 Dec 2011.
Thank you for your feedback. We will share your feedback with the Ministry of Finance for future review of the policy.

Sumarni Sadali (Mdm)Assistant Manager (Employee Branch-Individual Income Tax Div)| Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore Taxes. Our Nation

Azhar Khamis 13/12/2011 12:26 PM
(Tel: )
Feedback on parents relief for personal income tax
Dear Sir, 
1. I would like to provide my feedback on the above mentioned subject. 
2.  Referring to the following
One of the condition for eligibility states that "No one else is claiming this relief" which means that only one of the dependants' children is allowed to file a claim regardless if the dependants lived in the same household or not, or if the dependant have more than one children.

3. 'Parent/handicapped parent relief' is a relief to promote filial piety and provide recognition to individuals supporting their parents/handicapped parents in Singapore. The above mentioned condition runs contrary to the statement because it encourages only one the dependant's children to support their parents.

4. While it makes sense if the above condition applies to cases where the dependants lived in the same household as dependants cannot live in more than one household at the time, it do not make sense however if the dependants lived in a separate household especially when the they have more than 2 children and all of them are supporting their parents. The condition as mentioned earlier do not encourage the rest of the children to support their parents.

5. IRAS should change the condition to the following to really promote filial piety and recognition to all individuals supporting their parents.

Only one claim is allowed for dependant living in the same household.
Multiple claims are allowed if dependant is not living in the same household.

Azhar Khamis
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