Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Poor standards at KTPH

I am writing this to highlight the poor standard of service at Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital. I have been there, although not hospitalised, on a few occasions to make an opinion.

I personally experienced their poor standard when I was referred to the A&E by my GP who had already made a diagnosis. As he do not have the right equipments to confirm his diagnosis, I was referred to the A&E.

After registration, a nurse attended to me and I was made a do a urine test before I see the doctor.

When I finally get to see the doctor, he had nothing with him to make any diagnosis as the results of the urine test was not even back yet.

After he personally went to get the results, his diagnosis was similar to what my GP had made although he cannot confirm it yet as the urine test cannot be used to make a conclusive diagnosis. He simply prescribe some pain medication and tells me to go home and wait for a call from their side to arrange for an appointment.

When they finally called me about two days later, the appointment date given was in about 5 weeks time. So I decided to make an my own appointment at SGH which is available in 2 weeks.

Below are what I feel they should have done.

1. Right from the start of the registration until the doctor attends to me, nobody bothered to read the referral letter from my GP and I have to explain it myself. What is the point of the letter then? Isn't it better to get the information right from the horses mouth?

3. What is the point of making me see the doctor when the test results is not out yet? Isn't it better if they were to call on other patients first until my results are out? It would have speed up the whole process for everyone instead of making me wait further in the room and making others wait for my consultation to finish.

2. For my condition, a simple X-Ray could have confirm it, which was what SGH did when I went for the appointment. They can then straightaway arrange for the necessary procedure that I need to go through. This could have been done at KTPH if they have simply did the X-Ray.

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