Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back to school

3rd term starting 25th of this month and feeling is neutral. Not that looking forward to it or otherwise. Too much things happened that dampens whatever spirit I have left.

Not sure how many of classmates made it although I know I'll be seeing Vincent.

My request for another module to be added, which is on a Monday, was granted. So it's 1-3-5 now. The more days I'll be coming home late, the better it is. Less contact, less friction. Simple laws of physics.

Hate classes on Friday as that is the day I normally stay back late at work to finish up stuff that I can't during normal days.

Maybe it's telling not to put work to high up on the priority list anymore and instead on things that leads towards real happiness. Work have been that for many years and have seldom failed me.

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