Monday, May 4, 2009

Aware saga

The recent AWARE saga raises the following points.

1. Secular organisation

How true that the ex-exco headed by Josie Lau is closely link to Christianity is anyone's guess but I agree that AWARE should remain secular. It's only concern are women, regardless race, language or religion.

2. Inclusive

Again, women, regardless of sexual orientation too.

3. Homosexuality

I think sex education should include anything that is common. If you hide it, then it is the same as not talking about sex to the young which defeats the purpose of sex education.

However, sex education to the young is not the same as sex education for adults. Adults wants to explore, while the young needs to be aware of the consequences eg pregnancy etc. Huge difference.

I have no problem with the part where anal sex is included in the sex education by Aware because anal sex is sex, just is oral sex . However, it should not be an avenue for exploration, not to the young. You don't teach the young the karma sutra right?

So the context of it is important and it should apply throughout be it anal or not.

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