Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We finally set the ball rolling for our maiden backpacking trip to Perth yesterday instead of the initial plan to go Sarawak in a group.

One thing I learned so far from a couple of small trips I organised is that there has to be a dateline. By the time that is up, the only way is to proceed with whatever the situation is then because if not, nothing will happen.

Consensus is not a privilege because any intentional delay simply means paying more for transportation as fares go up as the date gets nearer. So once I got signals that the original plan is set to go crash and burn, I decided to stop wasting valuable time and focus on just us hence the switch of plans.

We sat in Axela near a McDonalds outlet to tap on wireless@sg and booked the tickets. The flight schedule is at odd timings that it scares me a little as to what screw-ups will be coming our way then.

But they say that's the fun of backpacking - the unknown, and we might be putting ourselves deeper into unchartered waters by trying to get a freeloaders stay there. Although Perth is practically safe, doing anything for the first time will always be a little scary.

The trip will be on a very strict budget although to me food is something that I can exclude from that as compared to other aspects. Going hungry is never fun.

Lots of things are maiden on this trip apart from it being our first attempt at backpacking. A first together on a trip (not a getaway). A first to Perth and the first to Australia for her. It might snow there too so it would be another first for her.

Of the things in our list of 'firsts', this being the first time we really sat down planned something tops it all.

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